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  • New Clients. Submit any document to EyeEdit for service and receive a 10% discount on your total project! To qualify, you must not have contracted service with EyeEdit prior to your submission. This offer cannot be combined with other offers, except the Referral Discount. Code: 10NEWDISC
  •  Students. Students who provide proof of enrollment in an accredited public or private academic institution will receive 10% off any project. (An “.edu” e-mail address or ID will serve as proof of enrollment.) Code: 10STUDISC
  • Seniors. Seniors who provide proof of age (> 59 years-old) will receive 10% off any project. Code: 10SENDISC
  • Subscribe Special.  Any client who signs up for our mailing list will receive 5% off any and all proofreading and copy editing services forever.  This offer may be combined with other discounts. Code: 5SUBDISC
  • Post a Link. Spread the word about EyeEdit by posting a link to EyeEdit and adding a descriptive statement about EyeEdit to any website you control (such as a personal website, blog, business website, or school website). Once you have posted your statement, please contact us with the link information (URL). After we verify and test the link, we will gladly offer you 10% off your current or next service as a measure of gratitude for posting a link and adding a statement about EyeEdit to your site. Code: 10LINKDISC
  • Loyalty Discount.  We offer a flat 15% returning customer discount.  Returning clients (clients who have contracted services with EyeEdit at least once prior to current submission) will receive 15% off each subsequent project. This is our way of thanking you for trusting EyeEdit.  Code: 15LOYDISC
  • Referral Discount. Refer a friend or colleague to EyeEdit and receive 15% off of your current or next service! Your referral must mention your name, along with your contact information, and must purchase at least one of our services for you to qualify. Code: 15REFDISC
  • Social Media Discount.  Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook or other social media followers are offered a 5% discount. This offer may be combined with other discounts.  Code: 5SOCDISC
  • Summer Special.  From May 15 through July 31 (each year), all first-time clients will receive 10% off proofreading and copy editing services. The Summer Special discount must be mentioned when services are contracted.  This offer may be combined with other discounts. Code: 10SUMDISC
  • Typo Discount.  At Eyeedit, we do our best to avoid even the slightest typo. Yet after many proofreading passes, once in a while we may discover an error. Sometimes what seem like errors may be differences in style while the experts dispute whether, for example, to write “email” or “e-mail”, or whether to put the punctuation mark inside or outside of the quote mark. We can promise you to keep abreast of language variations and discuss them with you so you can make your style preference.  We see the wisdom in a Jamaican proverb that says, ” the best of fields must have weeds.” However, we aim at creating a field without weeds on the Eyeedit website and in the editing and proofreading we do for you.  So, if after all our passes you pick up a typo – not an option or a variation, but an error that we overlooked – we will reward you with a one-time 10% discount on your total project if you contract our services.  Code: 10TYPDISC


Please mention special offers and discounts when making payment(s).


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